100% Natural Gift Bag – One Jar


Improve the appearance of your gifts with these 100% Natural Gift Bag – One Jar.

With round cane handles, a green trim to add colour and 2 clear windows, these bags give a nice homely feel and show off your gifts.

These simply and elegant gift jute bags are eco-friendly as they are re-usable and recyclable, so are perfect if you are trying to keep your packaging as environmentally-friendly as possible whilst providing a stunning and sturdy gift bag for your customers.

They are brilliant for packing small items, such as bath bombs, candles, jam jars, etc and can be used for nearly any occasion. Whether it’s birthday, Wedding or Christmas these jute bags will do the job.

Jute bags are not only natural and elegant looking but they are extremely convenient for your shoppers. It is a light but strong material, which is perfect for carrying. After all, no one likes having a plastic bag rip on them in the middle of shopping

Plus its also great for the environment.

Add to your product portfolio today to get these all round great gift bags in your e-shop.

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