Menu Covers & Menu Folders for restaurants, bars, Caffés, wine cards

Our covers are produced individually, always in accordance with the customers needs.

The range of materials is almost limitless. Durable, abrasion-resistant and cleanable materials are more desirable, but our clients are happy to choose design and special touch materials as well.

The method of binding (screw, rubber, ribbon, bag, etc.) is basically determined by practicality. For obvious reasons, there is a growing demand for easier replacement thus, the bag or ribbon version is preferred.

Inner pages are made of durable, 300g matte foil. We highly recommend it to our customers whose continuous quality and durability is important.


We offer affordable restaurant menu design packages

to restaurants, cafés and bars on a regular basis. If you thinking about a new, integrated appearance of your business don’t hesitate to get a QUOTATION or call us at 089 472 2720 to get your best price.

Cover styles

Flexi covers

Our light, flexible covers represent a new style in our menu range. We recommend it for places where traditional hardcover menus are too robust, too “serious”, but for simple printed menus you need a more sophisticated solution.

Thanks to special materials, these covers are durable and well-cleaned. The flexible design and its special touch give the guests an eye-catching, novel experience.

Our Flexi covers are available with pouch and rubber binding in 6 practical sizes.

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Combi bounding

Combining two materials, we make these covers with using a single line or double ornament stiching.

During the design we strive to get stronger, more resistant material to the spine of menus due to increased stress.

Our customers are primarily associated with classic colors and fabrics – dark brown imitation leather and natural linen, but often the metallic leatherette is also on the forefront.

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Covers with window

Solid color cover – it sounds boring! However, we like to work with them because well-designed windows can be cast with metal embossing, color prints, like a puzzle!

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Mono bounding

Basically, the look of our menus are determined what material we use. If we use materials of different texture and colour, we get more interesting products. A single colour cover can also be customised with a larger surface embossing beside the logo.

For our mono-bound covers we recommend wide range of accessories; metal corner, screw, rubber, ring, insert holder, ripper tape etc. to our customers.

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Wood covers

One of our popular cover designs is made with a combination of noble veneer and soft-touch leatherette.

The darker American walnut surface is the most common, as well as birch, ash and other wood surfaces. The boards are approx.  3 mm thick sheets, but we also made a menu cover with a thicker bamboo plate as well.

The logo is done by engraving. We can make a black or copper metal corner, and a insert holder that harmonizes with the colour of the spine.

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Print covers

The production of this product is also the same as other hard covers, but only the bonding material is replaced by a custom print.

Prints need to be protected by a matt or glossy film overlay due to stress, but unfortunately this is not enough, as it often happens that the film is separated from the print by the shoots. Therefore, for printed covers we recommend strengthening the spine with a more durable, stonger material.

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Rubber (threaded)

Among the restaurants, this is one of the most popular binding method. The pages are held by rubber threaded on the ridge closed with metal ends.

The advantage of this solution is the ease of flipping, and in addition, the insoles can be used for a longer period without serious injury, as they can move easily in the elastic rubber fixation.

The replacement of inside pages is easy thanks to the rubber fastening, but self-printing is not possible because they are punched and folded.

The rubber bandage is recommended for 8-20 pages. The inserts for this product are durable, 300 g carton, matte foil surfaces.

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This solution similar to the threaded rubber solution, but here the two ends of the rubber are closed with a metal ring.

Circular rubber is ideal for a few-page and often changing menus. It keeps thinner prints, but it is not worth storing more than 4-12 pages in this menu.

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Metal ring

We recommend ring structures for stitching larger-scale menus, drink sheets, or wine lists.

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Internal screw

Since there are no screws on the outside of the cover and the content can be changed so easily, this mode is very popular.

For our products, we use sleek, sturdy design bags with smooth surfaces.

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External screw

A classic wrapping method, which is usually made for standard-sized insoles or sleeve pouches, but there is a different, completely custom-sized cover as well.

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Menu folders

Two-sided folder

We recommend this solution for often-changing, content, it is also an ideal solution and cost-effective in standard sizes, since it is economical to produce inserts.

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Folder with ribbons

This folder is very elegant with a black cardboard interior and satin ribbon carriers. Its size can be customized to suit your needs. The inner sides are produced up to 2-10 pages.

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Five-Panel Menu Folder (Booklet Format)

The five pages clear folder is designed to hold 10 sheets of menu back-to-back or 5 sheets of double-sided printing menu.

This five panel clear folder is binded together like a booklet so you can categorize your food and drink items clearly in each page. Customers will find it easier and quicker to browse from individual category than reading the whole menu for a specific food item.

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Double sided menu folder (A4)

A4 size transparent, non-branded American style menu holders with corner protectors. Menu card is inserted behind the wipe clean plastic.

Washable with soap and water and flexible and scratch resistant as well.

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4 Pages Menu folder (A4)

PVC, non-branded American style menu holders with corner protectors. Menu card is inserted behind the wipe clean plastic.

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Tri-folded menu folder (A4)

Our foldable, 6 pages menu covers can be used for a whole range of different establishments such as cocktail / beverage / drinks menus, cafe, fine dining, restaurants, weddings, dinner parties and more! Our sleeves will showcase your menu.

A4 size transparent, non-branded American style menu holders with corner protectors. Menu card is inserted behind the wipe clean plastic.

Washable with soap and water and flexible and scratch resistant as well.

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Menu boards and holders

Menu boards

We recommend the menu boards instead of the traditional menu covers those who like diversity.

These products are made in standard and custom sizes, with clip-on, rubber or tape design, with a variety of materials or with a fashionable wood or bamboo base.

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Table menu holders

Table menu holders can be a useful and practical addition to any dining table.

They are manufactured for standard-sized A5 cards, so you can make extra sheets at home at a minimal cost.

Changing pages is quick and easy because of the looped ribbons in the corners.

Standard, unlabeled design can be ordered and they can be customized with your own logo as well.

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